About Us

We are registered with the Care and Social Services Inspectorate for Wales to take up to 30 children per session at our Centre from the age of two years.   Playgroup sessions run during term time as follows:

Morning sessions – Monday to Friday – 9.00 a.m. – 12.00 p.m.
Afternoon Sessions – Monday, Wednesday, Thursday & Fridays – 12.30 p.m - 3.00 p.m.

We follow guidelines for National Minimum Standards for Full Day Care set by the Welsh Assembly Government and operate a ratio of 1 adult to 4 children aged between 2-3 years and 1 adult to 8 children aged 3-4 years. The children are cared for in a friendly, caring environment in order to prepare them for the transition into full-time primary education.  They are encouraged to become actively involved in all aspects of pre-school learning.

Care is provided through the medium of the English language.  We also teach some basic Welsh words and songs to the children and some British sign language. Children are given a healthy snack at mid-morning and mid-afternoon each day when they are encouraged to sit at the table with staff. Children staying for full days are required to bring in a packed lunch.  Staff help children empty lunchboxes and encourage children to eat their lunch.  Any food which is not eaten is put back in the lunchbox for parents to be aware of what their children have eaten.  Parents are asked to encourage children in their healthy eating and handouts on healthy snack ideas are available on request.

We welcome children with additional learning needs and work closely with the Referral Scheme and other relevant agencies whilst respecting the rights of children and their families at all times.  Children with additional needs have access alongside their peers to the facilities, activities and play opportunities provided whenever reasonable in order to promote their welfare and development.


  1. To provide a friendly, caring environment in order to prepare children for the transition into full-time primary education.
  2. To encourage learning through play with toys and equipment being of high quality, educational and appropriate to the ages and stages of development of the children.
  3. To enable children to learn through first hand experiential activities.
  4. To give children experience of the seven areas of learning from the Foundation Phase framework – Personal and social development, well being and cultural diversity; Language, literacy and communication skills; Mathematical development; Welsh language development; Creative development; Physical development and Knowledge and understanding of the world.
  5. To encourage children to be sensitive to others, to have good moral values, to develop self-esteem and self-discipline and to learn the difference between right and wrong.
  6. To welcome parents/carers in to help at Fingers and Thumbs.
  7. To be available to discuss any concerns about the children with their parents/carers and to report on their progress.
  8. To take into account individual children’s needs and help to develop their potential.
  9. To enhance the emotional, physical and environmental well-being of all children.



Following the Foundation Phase Framework children will learn through first-hand experiential activities with the serious business of ‘play’ providing the vehicle.  Through their play, children practice and consolidate their learning, play with ideas, experiment, take risks, solve problems, and make decisions individually in small and large groups.
Activities are planned for the children using the Foundation Phase framework to cover all areas of development.  We follow different themes for each half term which are carefully planned to meet individual needs.  Parents are given copies of planning notes to ensure everybody is kept informed of the themes and activities which the children are involved in.  Daily  activities are displayed in the Playgroup.
We use material in ways suitable for the children’s age, experience, understanding and prior achievement to engage them in the learning process.  We ensure that this material provides a meaningful, relevant and motivating curriculum for our children and meets the specific needs of the children to further their all-round development.
The Foundation Phase environment promotes discovery and independence with an emphasis on using the outdoor equipment as a resource for children’s learning.  At Fingers and Thumbs the children will be given ample opportunities for outdoor play, both in the garden area and by visits to places of interest in the locality.  We are fortunate to have access to the local park where the children can use large equipment in a safe environment with adult supervision.  We also invite visitors in to the group from the local community to share experiences and widen the children’s knowledge and understanding.

Additional Activities

Our three year old children are able to take part in Forest School activities on a weekly basis.


Please contact Caroline Davies for a registration form and further details,