Holiday Club


About Us

We run a Holiday Club during the school holidays.  Depending on the need, a decision will then be made on which days the club will be open for that particular holiday period.  It is important for parents to return Holiday Club requests by the stated date or they may find that the club has been closed due to insufficient interest.  Parents are informed of any closure dates two weeks prior to the commencement of Holiday Club.

If you require a booking form for Holiday Club please contact us on 07813352893 or e-mail us at


  1. To provide a reliable, affordable service for working parents.
  2. To provide a safe, secure and relaxed environment where parents and carers feel happy to leave their children.
  3. To respect the different backgrounds of the children and their families.
  4. To help children develop their full potential through positive, social, emotional, physical and intellectual experiences.
  5. To provide adequate activities and equipment for the children to meet their ages and stages of development.
  6. To treat all children as individuals, striving to meet their particular needs.
  7. To involve children and parents in the planning of the scheme so that all feel a sense of involvement and fulfilment.
  8. To provide a healthy, nutritious snack for all children in our care.


A programme of events is set up before holiday clubs lasting for two weeks or more.  This is sent out to all parents who are interested in sending their children to the club.  This includes details of visits to places of interest, craft activities, sports, games and visitors to the group. Other daily activities include air hockey game, pool, table football, Play Station, computer games, Nintendo DS, DVDs, cookery, playdoh, painting, crafts, small world toys, construction materials, puppets, home corner, cars/trains, parachute games, football, cricket, rounders, skittles, outdoor play equipment, visits to the castle and local park and lots more.