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Fingers and Thumbs Day Care Centre is housed in St. Mary’s Church Hall in the village of Coity, Bridgend.  We have a grassy area in the front of the building where children have opportunities for outdoor play.  The garden is enclosed and gates are secured when children are playing outside for safety purposes.  We have two storage sheds at the side of the hall where we keep our outdoor play materials and equipment.

The doors to the hall are kept locked and we have a spy hole fitted to allow us to see visitors before opening the door.  All visitors are asked to sign a visitor book and identities are checked before admission is granted.

 Inside the building we have an entrance hall with notice boards giving information on the centre’s activities.  The entrance hall leads to all other rooms.  We have a large main hall where the majority of daily indoor activities take place and a smaller back room which is used for quiet play.  The smaller room is also used as a cloakroom where children hang their coats and bags and where they self-register at the start of Playgroup sessions.  There are two washrooms leading off the room with washbasins, toilets and a nappy changing area.  We also have a fully fitted kitchen where we prepare snacks for the children.

Our building complies with the Disability and Equality Act of 2010.

We are fortunate to be based near Coity Castle and park. 

As a consequence we are able to make full use of these facilities to enhance our outdoor play opportunities, giving us extra space and the use of large outdoor equipment.