Parents and Toddlers Group

This group runs every Tuesday during term time only between 12.45 p.m. and 2.45 p.m.   It is open to parents/carers with children from birth onwards. The group is also used as a link up to starting at Playgroup.  It has been found that children attending this group settle into the Playgroup setting much easier than children who have not had this experience as they become used to the setting and get to know some of the staff before being left on their own without parents/carers. There is no need to register to attend this group.  Parents/carers can just come along when they are able, with no pressure to attend every week.


  1. To provide a safe place for parents/carers to meet in a relaxed environment.
  2. To provide a safe place for toddlers to meet other children of a similar age and begin to socialise with each other.
  3. To act as a link to starting at the Playgroup.
  4. To provide toys and equipment suitable for the age and stage of the children attending the group.



We provide a variety of toys and equipment for the children to explore and play with.  We also provide refreshments for children and their parents/carers.  Older children are encouraged to sit around a table with the other children for their refreshments to encourage social skills.

We have a variety of speakers coming to the group to talk about subjects of particular interest to parents/carers of young children. 


£3 per family