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Parents Comments

‘I have nothing but positives to say about Fingers and Thumbs.  I think it is a wonderful setting that my children have been lucky to attend.  Caroline and her staff work extremely hard to provide so many varied experiences.  Annabel has been so happy attending and I know will really miss coming to school, as will I.  It’s been a real pleasure to bring her!!  Thank you for everything you have done for both Annabel and Louis.  Your setting has been a brilliant stepping stone to their life in school’.

  • The John Family, July 2018

Thank you for caring, guiding and supporting Jac during his time with you at Fingers and Thumbs.  I know your playgroup offers all of your children fun activities and relevant tasks.  You continue to find new ways to challenge the children indoors and outside.  Thank you for your friendship over the time you have cared for my grandsons.  I wish you all the success in the future.

  • Fran, July 2018

The nursery is inspirational – growing plants, hatching chicks, cooking, recycling, to name but a few things Eleanor has been involved in!  Good luck to you all in the future and hope the nursery continues for many years. 

  • Paula, July 2018

A huge thank you for all your hard work ensuring that Emilia has had  fun, loving and rewarding time at nursery.  Due to the opportunities while there both Ellie and Emelia love coming back for holiday club!  We are very grateful for the fantastic start you have given both of the girls and we will miss Fingers and Thumbs very much!

  • Carley, July 2018

“Children eventully forget what they read in books, but they will always remember how awesome a teacher was”.  Thank you all for being just that.  We will miss you!

  • Gemma, July 2018

The school is lovely.  All staff are approachable and welcoming and different activities are carried out to help with children’s learning and experiences.  I would definitely recommend the nursery to others.

  • Lottie’s mum, July 2018